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Thursday, 27 March 2014

HD400/990 Timmerhuis

For the Timmerhuis project in Rotterdam we are currently working on a HD400/990  beam, flanges 115mm and soul of 72mm! 

A beam which is named"super-jumbo" by the steel suppliers.
A strong piece of work that we will undoubtedly see again in assembling / welding and on site !


Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Start erection Hotel de Ville Herstal

On February the 17th CSM started the installation of the steel construction of the new city hall of Herstal.

The new city hall is located right across the existing one, in the centre of Herstal.The new building is a particular architectonic construction, existing of 2 face-to-face buildings, connected with a passageway on the first and second floor. The facade has a vertical inclination of 84°, and is divided into several planes with different angles relative to eachother. The steel construction consists of round columns with several types of main beams and facade beams on top of them.

The first truck to arrive immediately was a special one, because it carried the longest beams of the construction with 25 m length !

The groundfloor level has already progressed very good.
The alignment of this kind of steel construction demands good craftsmanship from our workers, because every part actually is ‘crooked’ !


Monday, 10 March 2014

Timmerhuis Rotterdam

The prestigious City Hall Rotterdam, also known as 'Timmerhuis', consists of 3850 to high grade steel, forming a cloud.
The stability of the building is reached by using 'virendeel'-trusses around two steel towers.
The erection of this 15-layer construction, with a lot of full penetration welds on site, started in December 2013 and has to be completed in the Summer of 2014.


See the webcam at the site.


Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Work anniversaries 2014

During our annual New Year's drink, we celebrated our jubilees. There were three people that celebrated their 10-year work anniversary, seven people 25 years and 12 people who celebrated their 35-year work anniversary.

Congratulations to all the jubilees!


Thursday, 19 December 2013

Completion Muziekpaleis Utrecht

After nearly five years of calculation and study and after three years of execution, it was on December 13, 2013 The Music Palace finally transferred to Tivoli, the end user. In the next six months Tivoli will also furnish the building, so as of end of Jnue, the first performances can be held in the new music halls. CSM gained acknowledgement with the construction of the steel structure of Tivoli Vredenburg, as the Music Palace was baptized. Meanwhile, there are only few parts of the steel structure left to be seen, but the building is finished in an impressive manner. The photo shoot and videos on the following links are definitely recommendable.

Link to archtectenweb
Link to De Utrechtse Internet Courant
Link to Bouwput Utrecht


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