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Location: Antwerpen - België
Country: België
Weight: 5.100 T
Period: 2006-2009

Construction of various industrial structures on the site of BASF in the port of Antwerp. The structures mainly include support structures for machinery and pipe racks, along with the appropriate secondary steel (landings, handrails, ladders) and were assembled on the site as always with great care for quality and safety.

RDF Oostende

Location: Oostende - België
Country: België
Weight: 900 T
Period: 2008

Construction of a support structure for the Biomass Central of Electrawinds in Ostend. Including secondary steel platforms, handrails, ladders, ...

Support structure Sleco

Location: Beveren (Antwerpen) - België
Country: België
Weight: 700 T
Period: 2004-2005

Construction of support structures for 3 boilers for the waste incineration facility from Sleco in Beveren. The industrial structure was assembled in stages as it was built up simultaneous with the boilers. CSM also provided the secondary steel (platforms, stairs, handrails and ladders) .

ELY III project

Location: Tessenderlo - België
Country: België
Weight: 2.100 T
Period: 2004-2005

Construction of various buildings, industrial structures and pipe racks on the site of Tessenderlo Chemie. Together with the main and secondary steel CSM also provided the roof and wall cladding including vents, doors, gates, rainwater drains and concrete floors.

Bigan Solvay

Location: Lillo - Antwerpen - België
Country: België
Weight: 400 T
Period: 2004

Several buildings, pipe racks and stair towers for the Bigan Project at the site of Solvay in the port of Antwerp. For the building, CSM also provided the roof cladding and facades (aerated concrete) and the smoke hatches, doors and gates.

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